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3 Awesome Chalkboard Products by Fancy-Fix That Will Help You Stay Organized

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Are you having a hard time staying organized in the classroom, at home or at the office? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! With so many lists to write and schedules to keep up with, it’s no wonder so many people find it difficult to stay organized. We here at Fancy-Fix understand that organization can save you time and frustration, which is why we offer a line of products designed to help you stay organized. Here are just 3 of the awesome products by Fancy-Fix that can help you organize your daily life!

1.Vinyl Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sticker

Our large black chalkboard sticker is a great tool to have around the kitchen area. This is because it can be used to jot down to-do lists, menus or shopping lists. Stick it to the pantry door or any other flat surface in a spot that’s easy to reach. The sticker can also be used in the classroom to write down daily activities or other memos for students. For your convenience, it is super easy to apply and it also comes with a few sticks of chalk.

2.Weekly Planner Chalkboard Wall Stickers

It really has never been easier to keep track of all of your to-do’s thanks to these cool weekly planner chalkboard stickers! You can apply the weekly planner to just about any flat surface including on the wall, on the whiteboard or even on a chalkboard. The package includes a total of 8 rectangular stickers, one for each day of the week and one for extra memos.

3.Chalkboard Labels

Another product offered by Fancy-Fix designed to help you stay organized is our chalkboard label set. These rectangular chalkboard labels stick to most smooth surfaces and come in different sizes in order to fit your needs. Use them to label bins, drawers, baskets and other miscellaneous containers.

While these are only 3 of our chalkboard products meant to increase organization, we offer a number of other window films, wall stickers, labels and decals. Please feel free to browse our collection to find the perfect vinyl decals and self-adhesive products for you!

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