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Fancy Fix has been leading window film manufacturer aboard, founded by Mr. Chen Hui in 2005. Fancy Fix produces a board range of advanced window films for residential and commercial, such as stained glass window film, etched glass window film, forested window films, Security window films, solar window films and more decorative window films, particularly the Static Window Film.

Over 10 years, we have helped many local brands to achieve success with our high quality products in several countries, including France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland and more. We worked with famous designers to create window films that improve the efficiency and performance of glass. What’s more, we have invested millions of dollars in our manufacturing facilities and we only use the finest materials in our window films. The technology we utilize in constructing our films is unique to our processes and our proprietary method is unlike anything else in the industry.

“Simply Different” is our company’s tagline. Through the long-term commitment to research and development, we have developed countless advanced window film products, including the Static Window Film (None-adhesive). Today, Fancy Fix is recognized as leading window film manufacturer in the field.


FancyFix is helping to protect and improve homes, businesses and vehicles around the world. We have been in adhesive line since 1984.





The world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window films.We have exported already more than 5,000,000 M2. More than 150 x 20′ FCL Since 2007


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