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Achieve Waterproof Protection with Shelf Liners

Shelf Liner

Wood furniture and cabinets are a given in nearly household, and with a fitting wood stain of the appropriate color, your shelves, countertops, and tables can add a warm, calming mood and theme to your home. However, keeping the quality of these pieces intact can be a hassle. Paint can be expensive, and if you like the aesthetic of the wood, paint can also cover it up and ruin the effect. Sealants wear off in time, and reapplying sealants every year or so can be time consuming, not to mention a drain on your wallet.

If your countertops and tables have frequent contact with water, you might know the devastating effect water has on wood furniture. Leaving a cup on the table without a coaster or cozy can leave your wood with unsightly water rings, and the wood can even become saturated, leaving your furniture vulnerable to mildew and mold.

Wood countertops are also subject to spills and splashes from drinks, cooking adventures, and even washed dishes. Wet dishes from the dishwasher or drying rack can harm the shelves of your cabinets, and leave you with musty cupboards.

Aside from the appearances and quality of your furniture and storage, health is always a concern. Mold and mildew can be harmful, and it’s important to protect yourself, your family, and your visitors from anything dangerous. Wet wood is a prime growth spot for all types of fungi and bacteria, so waterproof protection is important when considering wood furniture in your home. Making sure the wood in your house is protected can not only prevent issues, but keep the value of your home high in case you decide to sell.

A shelf liner can go a great way in providing protection from water damage, fungus growth, and stains. They are much cheaper and less time consuming than re-staining all of your wood furniture over again, and last much longer than the average wood sealant. They take the brunt of all damage to your furniture, saving you money and time for repairs.

Commonly made of PVC, these liners go on easily, and stay on until you decide to replace or remove them. Easy to apply and just as easy to remove, these liners are waterproof, and adhere nicely to your furniture. They leave no residues or adhesives on your furniture when they come off either, so if you or a future tenant decides that the liners are just not for them, it’s no skin off anyone’s back.

Upkeep for your furniture and cabinets can be easy if you choose shelf liners, and once you do, you can guarantee the quality and appearance of your wood furnishings. You can even switch them out depending on seasons or holidays, for a festive look anytime of the year. Try yellow in the spring, red white and blue for summer, gold and green for fall, and red for Christmas cheer. The possibilities are endless!

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