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Add Elegance to your Home with Beautiful Stained Glass Window Film

Stained Glass Window Film

In 2012, Fancy-Fix CEO Michael visited the La Sagrada Familia Church and saw the amazing stained glass that was installed there. He loved the designs so much, he wanted every home to be able to have such appeal, and put his best minds to work on a plan. By 2014, Fancy-Fix had its very own stained glass window film division, bringing beauty and originality to residences across the US.

Stained Glass

The beauty of stained glass windows is undeniable. Seen in churches around the world, many people don’t realize that they used to be fairly common in wealthy households as well.

Application and Effect. Stained glass can be made in one of two ways, by hand blowing, or by rolling. Each of these methods has variations. Artists who hand blow are very sought after, even for large projects. Stained glass is typically created with a “leaded” effect, but the substance used in modern windows isn’t lead, but a less toxic metal.

History. Stained glass has been found that dates back to the late 7th century. It was used by the Romans and Egyptians, and by the French and the Syrians. Early “stained glass” was formed using thin layers of alabaster set in wooden frames, but traditional stained glass reached its zenith during the Renaissance.

Manufacture. First, the stained glass window must be designed. Many windows are geometric patterns in a kaleidoscope of colors. Other tells a story across one or more panes. The design is separated into its parts, and the glass is cut for each part out of stained glass or glass that was colored by its method of manufacture, the window is assembled, then shipped to its destination and carefully installed.

Expense. Of course, stained glass is a painstaking amount of work and is therefore very expensive, even if made at a large factory. There still requires many man-hours to be spent ensuing the panes are solid, without flaw, and correctly assembled, this means even modern stained glass windows remain extremely expensive.

Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film takes advantage of the inexpensive nature of static cling window film and the ability to create almost innumerable patterns and designs in glorious color.

Application and Effect. The film is colored during its creation, with the tinted design layer carefully sealed between protective layers as the film is made. Many films also include UV protection and the design and color of the film lends privacy. The effect when applied is similar to that of a stained glass window, with the advantage of ease of application and removal if desired.

Original designs. Collaboration with the design team at Fin Studio has resulted in gorgeous stained glass window film design, meaning everyone can find something to their unique taste. Choose from dolphin motifs, floral designs, or leaves against a multi-colored brick background.

Cost-Efficient. In contrast to traditional stained glass, stained glass window film can provide you with a full home décor possibility for less than it would cost for a single glass window. In addition, you get the benefit of less UV rays and heat let into the house which can provide health and cost savings.


You don’t have to long anymore for amazing stained glass windows, knowing you simply can’t afford the expense of custom glass. Instead, get stained glass window film and turn any room of your house into a stunning work of art!

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