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More Window Film Benefits: Heat Control for Better Health and More Savings

static solar window film

While most people realize that static solar window film can make a huge difference in your home when it comes to privacy, many don’t see the added benefit of window film: heat control.

Health Benefits of Solar Window Film

When the sun’s rays hit a window, solar energy is transferred or transmitted by infrared waves. This radiant energy is converted to heat when it strikes the glass – this is why things heat up in the sun. If you can reflect the rays, you will block the transfer of this energy and keep it from turning into heat – when it fails to strike the glass, it doesn’t turn into heat.

This can have enormous benefits including ones for your health. Solar window film can reflect not only heat, but UV rays back from the window, reducing the risk of skin cancer and allowing you to sit next to a window without overheating or becoming dehydrated.

The Advantages of Using Window Film to Control Heat

The window film reflects a huge amount of the solar energy, and absorbs another portion of the energy. This means that the amount of solar radiation transmitted into the room through the window is considerably less than would be the case if the window was left un-tinted.

By using window film for heat control, you can drop energy bills, reduce glare, and lower the temperature of the window glass itself as well as that of the entire room. You won’t have to depend on curtains or blinds, and can enjoy the view of the outside world.

While tinted windows can be extremely costly and require replacing existing windows, static solar window film can be easily applied to your windows and removed later if desired. This provides an inexpensive way to keep rented or leased spaces cooler.

Performance after Window Film Installation

Old types of window film did more absorption than radiating, and the window could become very hot. Newer films eliminate convection of heat into the room and reduce glare by reflecting the solar heat and brightest light. Modern static solar window film evenly distributes heat, so the glass only reaches a low temperature and most of the heat radiates back towards the outside of the room.

These high tech static window film options allow plenty of filtered light into a room for great visibility in natural light without glare, and block heat. Even without air conditioning, rooms can feel up to 50% cooler in mild climates and up to 30% cooler in very hot climates.

Environmental Benefits of Window Film Heat Control

Even just a few degrees in temperature reduction can result in up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs. This reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to provide the electricity for your HVAC system and the energy it requires remove heat from a room through air conditioning. Even during peak summer months, the heat reduction may be enough to lower the load on your air conditioning unit, or you may be able to install a smaller unit and save even more.

Solar window film can increase thermal comfort, reduce glare, and reject 99% of the UV radiation which adds to risk of skin cancer. Look into installing window film for heat control in your home today!

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