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Benefits of Static Cling Window Films

Static Cling Window Film

Static cling window film can provide a host of benefits for the home; these are both decorative, which makes them helpful for the home décor enthusiast, and practical.

Decorative Uses for Static Cling Film

Static cling window film can be produced in a variety of styles and colors, making it a terrific option for window coverings in cases where the windows need something more than just curtains or blinds. Every color imaginable can be obtained, and some window film options also include etching for a frosted look or even “stained glass” possibilities that turn any room into a mini-cathedral of sorts complete with a kaleidoscope rainbow of colors.
Using window film for home decoration allows you to skip the boring window blinds and stick with light curtains that can be opened for shut over the window that is covered with static cling film. Use colored film for a child’s playroom and get both privacy and décor benefits in one easy step! Use tinted film in a living area to contrast or complement the painted walls, and enjoy the mood setting capabilities as well as the muted light.

You can even use static cling window film on other glass surfaces – for example, a glass wall in a bathroom, separating the shower stall from the rest of the room can be covered on the outside with film, providing a built in “shower curtain” that allows privacy while still permitting light to come through. It’s an amazing expensive way to get the same effect as if you had paid for tinted or etched glass instead.

Practical Uses for Static Cling Film

Window film can also be used for energy saving, as it reflects light and heat back away from the window, keeping the interior of the home cooler. Over the course of a year, this can result in significant cooling caving, as there isn’t the need to battle heat coming in through the glass.

Privacy can also be an issue in many homes where neighbors are uncomfortable close or windows face a busy street. Tinted, etched, or mirrored window film can help cut down on snooping, and let you enjoy the light and openness of unblocked windows without letting the entire world know your business.

UV protection is another big advantage and a reason to use static cling window film in your home. Even sunlight coming in through glass can cause skin damage, so keep that of your family and your own looking young by cutting down on exposure – use static cling window film with UV blocking properties built in and slash the amount of UV rays making their way into your home.

Static cling window film that is tinted can also reduce glare when watching TV or working on a computer. This benefit is especially helpful in the media room or the study or home office, where glare can cause extra eyestrain and make viewing a screen unpleasant and tiring.

There are many ways you can implement static cling window film into your home. When you are ready for a change, removal is easy and quick, and you can try another style or shade to suit your changing needs.

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