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How to Pass Strict Testing Requirement from Client,

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Orpro is an importor of sun protection and security films internationally. Company started at the beginning of 90s in UAE. They have reliable business partner for global players and wholesalers alike, as well as for installors and specialist dealers. We keep recommending our window film, adhesive pvc film since 2010, and never stop connection even no feedback. In 2016, Orpro is interested in our reflective static film. But they have strict testing requirements for products,In that time they asked us to supply the goods which can pass testing of cadmium,SCCPs , PAHs and Phthalates content,but as we know seldom suppliers know well about that testing.


In order to meet their testing requirements, we asked our Purchasing Department to buy all raw materials which can pass these testings,and did training for workshop staffs who would handle the productions,asked them to do workshop cleaning before and after production. By doing all these things we completed and offered Orpro our new window film samples ,they carried this samples to do testing,finally we got “PASS” for all these testings.


After 2 month, Orpro placed two large static film orders to us.

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