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Energy Efficient Window Film Launched in Gearmany,

Help Germany Supermarket to Customize Right Window Film for People

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N firm is a Germany discount supermarket which specializes in home, food, kitchen and home improvement products. There are now in five countries via its over 1000 stores and online shops.

As a leading retail chain, N firm cares about people who need products with discount but also can solve practical problem in life. So they are keeping looking for competitive products to give them an economical life.

In 2015, N firm wanted to launch the Energy Efficient Window Film for winter which helps customer save money in their home improvement category.And they want static cling only, but not with adhesive.But and then, only the Germany manufacturer can produce.


But fortunately is,they fond us,who have researched and developed this project since the 2014. So,we custom-made the sample in one week,and the quality was confirmed quickly.We offered the most efficient, with high energy saved, about 65% energy preserve, classic colors, and easiest installation method for Europe market either.


In Jul.2015, we successfully export our Static Energy Efficient Window Film to Germany 3 high containers one time.And also, they are launched in France and Belgium Market.

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