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Denisse just recently moved into a 1850’s colonial carriage house that at one point was used as a flower shop. The house owners kept the original store doors doors with windows, which is cool for historic purposes but not so great for privacy! The house has 2 of these window doors, one in the bathroom which means everyone can see us using the throne, and one in her bedroom which means any guests coming down the stairs can see us sleeping. She wanted to find something could use to cover the windows that was cute and wasn’t curtains because she didn’t want to drill holes into the doors.


Fancy-fix P301 Static Cling Window Film was the solution! The design reminds of doillies which fit the style of the house and provide privacy; even with the bathroom light on, you can’t see into the bathroom unless the person inside is standing directly in front of the window, only then can you see their silhouette.


Denisse bought large rolls of fancy-fix P301 cover the bathroom and guest room window. It is so easy to install and she loves that you can peel it back and reposition however many times you want until you are happy with the result.

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