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B firm is a well known US wallpaper company that started from 1935. Due to their innovation,superior quality products,technology and on-trend designs, it becomes one of the largest producers and distributors of wallpaper today. Creating beautiful wallpapers and home decor products is B firm’s passion.

In 2010, the B firm planed to set up a new brand which is specially focused on window decor products.Like the trends in USA market, B firm offers a complete line of versatile window decor products from stained glass window clings that truly replicate the look of authentic stained glass to etched glass appliques adding a remarkable frosted effect to privacy films that are wonderful. Firstly, they found the suppliers in USA, but the growing demand push them to find much more a variety of designs and good quality aboard.


The buyers from B firm said, the fancy-fix is the first choice from other suppliers in China for them. First, the designs are original patterns, no copy right problems. That’s basic request but most important things for them. Second, compare to the quality to USA, there’s no difference, good Textured finished but reasonable price. And in the next steps, they want to develop more exclusive designs for USA market in 2016.


B placed the first order from 2012. Each year, they placed the repeated order at least twice. But in 2015, the order volume is almost 3 times more than before.

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