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How to Fix Client’s Customization Requirements,

As professional window film manufacturer, we try our best to meet clients’ requirements with less cost.

It's all in the details. It takes seconds!


Client required both specific width customization and packing customization for optimal MOQ. Fancy –Fix delivered both, increasing MOQ and meeting all client requirements.

PHIL is one of the world’s leading brand marketers, selling in supermarkets, building material markets, chain stores (such as Leroy Merlin, Kaufland, etc) in Germany since 1898.

PHIL was seeking a new, premium source for high quality product in a new category of static cling window film. Two customization requirements were requested:

1. Width Customization

2. Packing Customization

The client had no idea how to achieve their goals, and turned to Fancy-Fix for bespoke product and packaging that would meet their needs.


In order to meet the client’s requirement for custom sizes, Fancy-Fix adjusted the slitting machinery three times. The accurate sizing was achieved, resulting in the desired MOQ.

In order to meet the client’s requirement for packaging, Fancy-Fix reviewed the client’s current model of choice – a printed PET box manufactured in Germany. Three separate samples were sent to the client to confirm the desired surface effect, and the design was revised five times for client satisfaction, prime efficiency, and maximum durability. The client ultimately approved the final design of a shiny, printed PET box.


The client was able to receive a creatively designed shiny printed PET box for their product, and the product itself was sized correctly for their needs. All of this was achieved without increasing cost to the client or unnecessary mark-up to the consumers.

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