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Custom Wall Decals and All Their Wonder

custom wall decals

Custom wall decals became a big decorating trend about a decade ago, but wall art has been a huge part of decorating for far longer. From cave paintings to the ancient Egyptians who painted intricate hieroglyphics, and finally to the wake of canvas painting that birthed centuries’ worth of finesse and beauty that now lie in halls of museums all over the world. Adding beauty to the walls of our homes, offices, and cities has been an aching desire and practice that has evolved and grown just as humanity has. It must be no surprise then, that as we have moved into a design world of do-it-yourself and home improvement and quick-and-easy that our art, too, has moved into that same sphere.

History of Wall Decals

Custom vinyl wall decals (also known as wall vinyl, wall stickers, or appliques) picked up hype with the turn of the century. Vinyl has been used in the past on cars and boats, but mostly for sign-making for advertising (less messy than paint) and vehicle registration purposes. They are also used on buildings for companies to promote services. Many of the first custom wall decals and wall stickers were cut from rolls of vinyl into famous and inspirational quotes to put on windows or walls in homes and businesses.

Wall decals also picked up steam because they won’t crack under humidity like wallpaper, they resist peeling, are water and smoke proof and are made to last for years without fading in color. Many vinyl shops will offer now pre-printed and pre-cut decals that can measure between 30cm x 50cm to 100cm x 100cm.
Vinyl comes in any color imaginable and can be designed for any preference. They can be found in special designs or quotes or in repeating patterns to replace wallpaper or painting needs. They also can be found in different designs for sports themes or in cartoon character shapes.

The use of decal stickers also began to pick up speed in today’s fast-paced world where cost and worry have also increased. Decorating within the home can be a huge expense. Whether it is buying photos or paintings or hiring painters or a professional interior designer, the expenses can really begin to stack up. Even if you do take on home improvements or home makeovers yourself, redoing even one room can feel like breaking the bank. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that decorating with decal stickers and vinyl has become a huge hit in interior design. Custom wall decal printing is a much less expensive venture than buying some wall art. On the other hand, a wall decal custom-made can add just the right personal touch to any space (just imagine a custom tree wall decal in a jungle-themed playroom). Plus, they are made for easy removal and mounting.


The benefits and uses of a wall decal that is custom-made are wide spread. At the top of our list for benefits of using custom wall decals is definitely their affordability. Custom vinyl wall decals come at a fraction of the price of costly painting projects (or even some paintings). They can help make any room remodel feel less like you’re paying an arm and a leg and more like you have actually saved a little dough in the process (because you will!).

On top of their cost effectiveness, wall appliques or stickers are beyond easy to apply and take care of. Custom wall decals only take minutes to place on a wall, window or any other flat surface. They are also very easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth), which means they are the perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as playrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, and especially offices. If you buy top-notch vinyl (sometimes called premium vinyl) from a first-class custom wall decal printing shop you can be sure that it won’t fall down or be ruined by a passing hand.

Because of their easy mounting and removal, custom wall decals are one of the best decorating options for dorm rooms and rental spaces. If you’re leasing an office or renting an apartment or home, sometimes the contract won’t allow for painting or even putting nails in the walls. And if it does, you as the renter are sometimes in charge of refilling the holes or paying for the walls to be fixed or repainted after you move out. This can become a worrisome expense or a hassle you may not want to even deal with. But custom wall decals solve all these problems. Due to their mess-free removal, vinyl wall stickers won’t leave any sticky residue on the surface after you remove them, and they won’t require any fixing or touching up after you move out.

Another benefit of using a wall decal is that it doubles as not only a stunning art piece but it can also be purposeful (custom wall decals combine fashion with function). Custom wall decal printing has given any homeowner/renter or office manager the option of sprucing up a boring space while also inspiring and motivating family and employees. When wall vinyl began to sprout up it was often used to cut out inspiring and famous quotes. Today, there are so many more options for anyone looking for a wall decal custom made just for them. Many custom wall decal printing shops now make vinyl calendars, to-do lists, or even a full sheet of whiteboard or chalkboard vinyl rolls. These can be used to create unique drawing or coloring spaces in playrooms, or help with organizing in the home or office without installing large and clunky chalk or whiteboards.

Maybe one of the best benefits of custom wall decal printing are the endless options. If you’re a fan of sweet and simple, you’re covered. If you want something a little brighter and flashy, you’re covered there too. With tree wall decals you can transform a child’s bedroom into an exotic Amazon haven. Or you can touch up a living room with fabulous fleur-de-lis wall decals so you don’t have to invest in pricey wallpaper. Custom wall decals can be catered to exactly what your space needs and what you personally want. You can cover an entire wall with a custom tree wall decal to make the room feel earthier with leaf stickers over the remaining three walls. Or show your saucier side with lyrics from your favorite rock and roll song and a shadow outline of the singer. Anything you can dream of is possible!

Wall decals aren’t just for the walls either. There are some amazing companies out there like Fancy Fix that create vinyl wall decals for shower doors, refrigerators and cupboards. You can take any boring piece of furniture (with flat surfaces) and change it into a conversation piece. Give your dorm room a little pop with a snazzy vinyl sticker on your mini fridge, personalize your office space with a vinyl sticker on your filing cabinet and make everyone in the office jealous. The possibilities truly are endless.

The Best Decals Out There

Because of their outrageous popularity, custom vinyl wall decals can be found in just about any craft or sign shop and custom wall decal printing shops aren’t hard to find. But this just might make it a little harder for you to find the best wall decals out there that not only suit your needs and wants but truly are premium and well made to withstand just about anything (but also come down mess-free).

Picking the right vinyl is your first priority. For most interior walls, using a matte finish vinyl is the best option. The matte finish is the best option since interior lighting can create glare on other forms of vinyl or even glass from art frames.

The second step to picking the right vinyl is the adhesive on the back. Ideally, anyone in the market wants something that is pretty permanent but that also won’t ruin the wall or paint behind it. Premium vinyl that has been used on cars and boats are good for outdoor use where the vinyl decal will need to stand up to weathering. But in a home or office where the elements are less of a stress, you don’t quite need something that has the possibility of damaging painted walls. When shopping around, be sure to find a vinyl that has a “low tack removable adhesive.”

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking to put up any custom vinyl wall decals (especially if it is for custom wall decal lettering) is the texture behind it. Most home and office walls have a little texture on them and placing thin or small pieces of vinyl on top of it can really be a problem. If you’re looking to place any custom wall decal quotes up on a rough or porous surface look into a vinyl like MACtac RoughWrap or Hexis VCR200. If you’re painting a wall before putting any custom wall decals up, maybe look into painting with enamel paint rather than latex. Enamel paint is smooth and non-porous and will create the best surface for any wall vinyl.

Of course, like just about anything else out there, finding the best wall decals for your home or office is going to require some shopping around. Do your homework beforehand, too. This means measuring the space that you want to place the custom wall decals on, checking the texture or nature of the surface you’re placing it on (is it stainless steel, latex painted, a rough wooden desk or cabinet?). Knowing all of this beforehand can help you find the right vinyl for your purposes.

New Applications

Like with any trend, wall decals’ purpose and placement has also evolved over the years. What was once used on just the walls or windows in businesses or homes, wall decals really aren’t just wall decals anymore.
As mentioned above, many companies and printing shops now have fun vinyl to place on furniture. From refrigerators to desks to nightstands, nothing is too difficult to transform. Some other great places for wall decals can be the staircase, doors, or bookshelves. Custom wall decal quotes aren’t just for the walls anymore. Put your favorite book quote on the side of a bookcase, or put some intricate custom wall decal lettering on the stairs in the form of your family’s surname or your business’ moto.

Mirrors and doors are another great place for custom wall decals. Put a motivating or inspirational quote on a bathroom mirror to inspire your children every morning before school, or place an inviting message to guests and visitors to your home on the front door. Add some extra privacy to your bathroom with an opaque shower door decal.

Vinyl wall stickers or decals are truly the best option for any home or office space. Whether you worry about damaging a wall or piece of furniture or if you worry about cost and purpose, try a custom wall decal and see your worry melt away.

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