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Energy Efficient Window Film Benefits – Save Money and the Planet

Energy Saving Window Film

Energy efficiency is one of the most important topics today for homeowners seeking to lower their heating and cooling costs. Appliances with low energy use are presented as offering savings over time and you can even get government rebates and energy company credits for making your home as “green” as possible.

However, many homeowners can’t afford to replace all of their appliances with energy efficient models. There is one huge step nearly all homeowners can take to save energy, and that is to install energy efficient window film on all the windows in their home.

The advantages of energy efficient window film are many. The film can easily be applied, and comes in many different tints and even patterns and designs for home décor aesthetic benefits. Window film is inexpensive, easy to apply and remove when needed, and can be made to fit any kind of window, even curved panes or oddly shaped glass.

Many films also provide UV protection so your skin and furniture won’t be damaged or aged by harmful UV radiation coming in through your homes windows. Finally, window film can give you extra privacy even when your blinds and curtains are wide open, letting you enjoy the view of outside without people being able to see in.

The energy savings with this simple DIY method are incredibly high. Infrared rejection, which is the heat carried by solar rays, can be up to 86%. This means that cooling costs can be lowered in the summer by a significant amount. One study in New York showed lowered energy costs in summer of $20 per month per 5 square meters of windows covered with energy saving window film.

In the winter, energy saving film can still improve your electricity bill by preventing heat from escaping through the window glass. The same study in New York showed an average $14 per month per 5 square meters of window covered with energy saving window film. If you have lots of windows, the savings add up swiftly (savings will vary depending on location, amount of window space, number of rainy days vs sunny ones, and so on.)

Saving energy is easy with energy efficient window film, just measure your windows order the film, and when it arrives you can cut it to size (if you didn’t order customized cut window film). Application is easy, and after that there’s nothing else to do but sit back and watch the electric bill go down, down, down.

The environmental impact of using energy efficient window film is also significant. When you use less electricity, it means less fossil fuels are burned and the planet experiences less carbo use, reducing the carbon footprint of your home. If more people used methods like energy saving window film, the environmental impact would increase exponentially.
Using energy saving window film in your home is one of the easiest and smartest choices you can make for the good of your pocketbook and the good of the planet. Start using window film and start saving today.

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