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Fun DIY Projects Using Shelf Liner to Decorate Around Your Home

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Looking for ways to update the look of your home and create fun, exciting projects to do by yourself, with a partner or even get the kids involved? Shelf liner allows you to let go with your imagination and turn your home into a cheerful, bright, and fresh looking place with just a pair of scissors, some rolls of shelf liner, and a little inspiration.

Normal Uses for Shelf Liner

Of course, the obvious use for shelf liner is to – well, line shelves. Lots of people also use it to cover flat surfaces to provide a clean, new looking surface, to make them easy to clean, or to cut down on splinters, roughness, or unattractiveness.

Cutting shelf liner to fit simply requires a pair of scissors or an exacto knife, and a ruler or straightedge and a pencil to mark your cut lines, you can easily cover shelves in a cupboard, closet, pantry or elsewhere to provide an attractive surface that is durable and can be wiped clean in a jiffy.

DIY Projects Using Shelf Liner

You can also use shelf liner for various DIY projects to add to the attractiveness and functionality of your home. For example:

1. A shabby chest of drawers can get a new lease on life when you line each drawer with shelf liner. You can even cover the top surface of a dresser or bureau with liner to match or contrast. Try using alternate designs in each drawer for extra color and pop.
2. A shoe cabinet or cubicle can also benefit from some applied shelf liner. This helps create an easy to clean surface so muddy shoes and boots don’t stain or scuff natural wood or paint. The shelf liner can always be updated to match interior décor or replaced when it gets grimy looking.
3. Tired of the sterile look of your refrigerator’s interior? Jazz up the inside with some shelf liner – you can apply it to inner walls, the ceiling, and on shelves or in the door to make cleaning up spills even easier and the inside of your fridge cheerful and fun.
4. Your pantry can get organized in a jiffy with some shelf liner. Besides the obvious benefit of nice clean shelves that wipe clear with a wet sponge, you can designate different shelves for different kinds of items – making it easy for a spouse or the kids to help put away groceries properly. You can even use it on the wall behind the shelves to make a dark pantry bright and friendly. Do the same for open cupboards to give you a nice surface to stack cups, saucers, or plates on.
5. Make your own attractive storage boxes by applying shelf paper to the exterior and lids of boxes from shoes or department stores, or even old hatboxes. The paper will make for a cheerful look, and the boxes can slide neatly under a bed or be popped up in a closet on the shelf. Use a different design of shelf liner for each family member and moving becomes a snap!
6. You can also use shelf liner to wrap old frames and create your own attractive picture frames. Any design or color can be used to complement or contrast with the item being framed. This is a great idea for school certificates or awards your child brings home!
7. Finally, fancy shelf liner with a decorative edge can be used on shelves with rough cut edges. The liner can be applied so that the decorative edge hangs down in front, creating a pleasant look and hiding any imperfections.

Think about all the ways you can use shelf liner in DIY projects and lay in some stock so you can do these fun projects at any time. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you find to use shelf liner once you start thinking creatively!

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