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Get Extra Privacy: Using Window Film to Benefit your Life

Privacy Window Film

Window film benefits are many, including cost-saving energy efficiency, harmful UV ray blocking powers, and home décor applications. However, one of the top benefits of window film is very simple – it can afford you much more privacy than a mere window, without the need for constantly drawn blinds, drapes, or curtains.

Why do you need Privacy Window Film?

There are several reasons you should insist that the interior of your home be kept private. First, what goes on in your house is your own business and no-one else’s. You shouldn’t have to constantly be wondering about the nosy lady next door peering in your windows, or even the weird guy across the street with his telescope in the 2nd floor window. Privacy window film lets you relax in the comfort of your own home and still enjoy the view.

Next, privacy film also keeps your belongings safe. When people can’t see the HDTV plasma TV on the living room wall, or the kids’ X-Bo sitting on the coffee table, they won’t be tempted to break in and grab them. Finally, privacy film can save you money because you can simply let the windows block the view in from the outside and not have to depend on remembering to close blinds and curtains all the time.

Where should you use Privacy Window Film?

Any window in your home may benefit from window film for privacy. Use it in the living areas, the bedrooms, and the kitchen to provide a feeling of privacy and security. You can even use window film in attic areas with windows to block the view (great if you store anything valuable there) or on basement windows for the same reason.

You can also use privacy window film in bathrooms withy glass dividers, to eliminate the need for additional partitions or shower curtains, and allow guests to feel less exposed when they visit, and permit a better feeling of privacy for couples who may want to use different parts of the room at the same time.

What Types Window Film can be used for Privacy?

Window films that are tinted, mirrored on one side, or patterned or frosted can all be used for privacy. The level of visibility both form the outside in and the inside out will depend on your specific wants and needs.

“Frosted” window film is often used on glass partitions in homes or offices. Patterned window film may be used in bathrooms so light can enter but no-one can see in. Mirrored film is common for storefronts, and tinted film is appropriate for living areas.

How can you Maintain Privacy?

When you use privacy window film in tandem with lightbulbs that provide natural light, sheer curtains that will add an extra layer of protection after dark, your level of privacy goes up. Planting hedges that stand away from the house but grow tall enough to reach halfway up the window can also provide extra security and protection.

What kind of Privacy Levels can Window Film Achieve?

Depending on the type of window film used, you can have strong daylight protection or full day and night privacy. The level of tint in tinted window film will increase overall privacy, reflective window film will bounce back light during the day, and frosted film will keep people from peeking in from the dark night. Patterned window film can confuse the view form out of doors as well. Of course, very dark tint, frosting, or patterns can obstruct the view from inside as well.

Advantages of Privacy Window Film

Compared to blinds and shades, window films has several distinct advantages. It never goes out of style if you use a basic tint, and patterned or colored film can be changed at will at minimal cost. It is simple to keep clean, and is consistent in its protection.

In contrast, blinds and drapes can be costly, can easily go out of style, and can be expensive to clean and maintain. You also have to remember to open them and close them, and they don’t provide the same consistent coverage that window film can.


Using window film can afford you and your family or business privacy without a huge investment. You can choose for many different styles and install it yourself. There is no hardware involved, and you can remove or change the film at any time. Obviously, privacy is one of the top window film benefits.

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