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How Static Cling Window Film Works – Why You Should Use Static Cling Window Films

Static Cling Window Film

Static cling window film is the next big trend in home decoration and renovation – but what is it and how does it work?

How Static Cling Film Works

Window film clings to the window securely thanks to positively and negatively charged electrons. When applied to a flat, clean surface such as a window or a shower stall door, the “cling” properties of the film keep it firmly in place until it is removed. Both installation and removal of static cling film is easy and inexpensive.

Why use Static Window Film?

Sometimes blinds or drapes aren’t the best option for a window –whether because of expense or thanks to temporary living conditions. Window film can provide a fast, inexpensive way to cover windows in a pinch, can be used in children’s rooms or seasonably as a purely decorative option, and also have multiple benefits on safety, privacy, and energy saving fronts.

Kinds of Window Film

You can choose from plain, tinted or colored film, etched or privacy mirror film, or even stained glass window simulations that turn any window into a work of art. Some cling window films even have UV protection built right in!

Preparation for Window Film

First, measure your window. Measure the glass surface only, and if there are panels, measure each pane of glass separately. Cut the window film to fit. Window film comes in both squares and in rolls, so figure out how to get the coverage you need with the least amount of cuts and film. Make sure the window is completely clean and dry and dust free – any oil or dust on the glass will make the window film reluctant to properly adhere.


The clean glass should be just slightly dampened with water; you can use a spray bottle set to mist and gently spray the glass with water. Carefully (this may take two people) peel the protective backing off the window cling, making sure it doesn’t stick to itself (You would be able to peel it back apart, but this will take some time and cause fingerprints to get all over the film). Apply to the glass carefully, by holding it up to gauge position then pressing from the center out. The wet glass allows the cling to be shifted into perfect position. Once it is in place, use a squeegee to smooth out any bubbles. Hold onto the discarded protective backing to reuse if you remove the window cling later.


When you wish to remove window cling, simply pick at a corner until it lifts up, then slowly peel the entire pane off of the window and place the removed film back onto the saved protective backing. The static cling window film can be used to decorate another window, recut if needed, and applied as before. If the window film leaves any residue, it can be easily removed with standard window cleaner.
You can also use static cling film on shower stall doors, glass partitions, or even on Plexiglas dividers. Window cling film is inexpensive, easy to install and remove, and can provide years of protection against nosy neighbors, glare, and UV rays.

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