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Magnetic Wallpaper with a Chalkboard Finish Organizes your Life

chalkboard magnetic wallpaper

Looking for a way to get organized and make your home attractive at the same time? Magnetic wallpaper with a chalkboard finish is perfect for almost every room in your house, adding versatility and cheer.

The advantages of chalkboard magnetic wallpaper include:

1. Magnetic wallpaper comes in a flexible, magnetic thin sheet, with a self-adhesive backing that can be flattened against any wall or hard, clean surface. Stop scrambling for a pen and paper, and simply leave chalk lying around. You can write notes, track calendar appointments, doodle, and even let your kids have a turn.

2. With the simple self-adhesive format, you can remove the magnetic wallpaper chalkboard at any time. It doesn’t stick to your furniture or cause any damage, and you are never left with sticky residue after removal.

3. The chalkboard magnetic wallpaper is long lasting, and you can move it form location to location with ease. Just peel and stick, unpeel and restick – as long as the surfaces you are applying it to are clean and dry, you can use this product for as long as you want.

4. The magnetic wallpaper chalkboard is made from completely safe materials, which is great especially if you have pets or children in the house. The materials conform to the EN71 standard, contain no VOC, are non-toxic and lead free, and present no dangers to humans or animals.

5. The chalk finish on this magnetic wallpaper means you can swiftly take notes, draw a calendar, create family schedule with different colors of chalk for each person, track after school programs, remember important dates, and (if you extend the surface to the floor) you can let your smaller children have the bottom half of the wallpaper as a drawing surface with non-toxic, child safe chalk.

6. The magnetic nature of the wallpaper is also helpful, as you can slap papers up on it with small magnets, keep refrigerator magnets for such things as menus, service providers, nurse hotlines, emergency numbers, and poison control right on the board. Receipts, vendor orders, notes from your desk, appointment slips, and more can be kept organized.

7. Put this magnetic chalkboard wallpaper next to your desk, in an entryway, in the kitchen, on kids’ bedroom walls for chore lists, in the living room for use when playing Pictionary, and more. It’s the perfect organizational solution for running grocery lists, supply lists for projects, guest counts when preparing for weddings, and more.

Try out chalkboard magnetic wallpaper for yourself and find out just how organized your life can be!

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