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Make Your Own Chalkboard Memo Station Anywhere

chalkboard memo sticker

Ever think how handy it would be to have a chalkboard on a nearby surface? While people have been using chalkboard paint for years to create handy memo boards, this solution is messy and more permanent than many would like.

Advantages of Chalkboard Memos at Home

A chalkboard memo sticker allows you to easily turn any surface into an erasable chalkboard, without mess and with the ability to remove the memo at any time. All it takes is a little imagination to turn any surface into a quick note-taking station, communication station, or creative outlet.

Using Chalkboard Memo Stickers

There are many ways to use this handy idea in the home, including:

Repurposing Old Cabinet Doors

An old cabinet door sanded smooth and covered with a chalkboard memo sticker provides a great way to create an instant chalkboard. You can paint the border to match your existing décor, and add a hanger on the back so you can put it up on any wall.

The recessed panel or panels of a cabinet door make the perfect surface for the chalkboard memo. If you have a multi-panel door, you can designate each rectangle as a memo space for a specific household member, or separate your to-do list into grocery shopping, honey-dos, and kid’s chores.

This idea can be replicated as many times as desired. The door will hang neatly in any room, and chalk and an eraser can simply be balanced on the ledge the top of the frame makes against the wall.

Storage Dresser Conversion

Forget tacky label makers and taped on signs and labels. A skinny dresser by the entryway or to one side of the living room or kitchen can get you and your family organized. Sand the dresser, and cover the top, sides, and drawer or cupboard fronts with chalkboard memo stickers.

You can then quickly designate each child their own drawer for school supplies, caps, gloves, or other items, and use the top surface to leave them notes and reminders, or even draw a simple weekly calendar to track appointments and school project deadlines.

Foyer Shelf Attraction

Forgetful? Always having to return to the house for something left behind? A old cubby shelf cleaned up, covered with chalkboard memo sticker and placed in your entryway can help you become organized and stop wasting time on return trips for forgotten items.

Every family member can have their own cubby, and you can install hooks for keys. Leave space for caps and scarves, and a large drawer for any sporting or work-out equipment. An eyeglass case can help you remember those shades.

The chalkboard can be used for notes between family members, and a static reminder list can be written at the top – giving you a checklist for each time you leave the house to check for sunglasses, keys, overdue books for the library, paperwork for appointments, and so-on.

On the Fridge Use

A hundred magnets and notes pinned to the front of the fridge is charming but things can get lost in the clutter. Add chalkboard memo stickers, and you can write directly on the surface of the fridge.

Designate a space for each family member to update their schedule or leave notes for others. Add a basket for chalk and erasers, and find a few decorative magnets for each user in case there’s a paper or document that needs to be left.

You can even use a section for a grocery list, and write “Close the Refrigerator!” as a reminder for little ones at their own eye level. The lower half can be an instant creative space for smaller children to scribble on and practice their numbers or letters.


You can use chalkboard memo stickers in so many different ways. Try cutting them into smaller pieces and slapping them on a lunchbox to leave a special note for your child, or adding it to the front of a folder to send notes to school. The possibilities of chalkboard memos are endless!

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