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Patterned Magnetic Wallpaper adds Color, Efficiency to your Home

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People are always looking for ways to brighten their home and create organized, efficient ways to keep track of information. A standard corkboard can be unattractive, and sometimes you just need a place to stick everything without tape or stickers.

Patterned magnetic wallpaper can provide an instant organizational surface in seconds, providing efficiency and a new take on home décor.

The advantages of patterned magnetic wallpaper include:

1. Magnetic wallpaper is composed of a flexible, magnetic thin sheet, with a self-adhesive backing and a colorful or patterned surface option that can be chosen to match your décor. Just apply to any surface for an immediate magnetic wall board that you can use for almost anything.

2. The simple self-adhesive format is designed to make use and reuse easy. Just stick it to a clean dry surface and it stays put until you decide to remove it. Unlike wallpaper that must be pasted on, or corkboards, whiteboards and magnetic boards that must be hung with screws, nails or anchors, this option is fast, easy and does not damage to the wall – and no sticky residue!

3. The patterned magnetic wallpaper will last a long time, and can even be peeled off, packed up, and taken to a new home or apartment,. If you rent or lease, you don’t have to worry about breaking the terms by doing any permanent redecorating.

4. Are you sensitive about having ethical, environmental, and safe materials in your home? You, your kids and your pets are safe with this product – it’s compliant with the EN71 standard, contains no VOC, and is non-toxic and lead free.

5. The patterned finish on this magnetic wallpaper means you can create new décor possibilities on any surface in any room. Cut to fit in odd areas or run it from the floor up for an instantly ready magnet board for kids to use magnetic letters and toys on. A mirrored finish can create a great look in a modern décor, and any color you can think of will be complemented when you choose to contrast your magnetic wallpaper with your paint scheme.

6. Buy plenty of magnets –you’ll want to use them constantly with magnetic wall paper. Stick notes to yourself, receipts for tax time, appointment slips for doctor, dentist, or vet appointments, and more!

7. Use the magnetic wallpaper in your bedroom, kitchen, entryways, home office, and more. Use it on other flat surfaces such as shelves, small tables, and kids’ desks to help prevent small items from falling off – pens, paper clips, and more will all stick lightly.

Try out patterned magnetic wallpaper for yourself and find out just how beautiful getting organized can be!
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