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Furniture Film and Furniture Decals

Furniture Film and Furniture Decals

With all the DIY projects out there, your furniture is sure to not be left out. With Fancy Fix’s wonderful furniture decals and furniture film, you can transform a plain old dresser or coffee table into something truly distinct. Create your own custom furniture with our decorative films and self adhesive vinyls that glide onto almost any piece of furniture you can imagine. From refrigerators, to night stands or bureaus, our adhesive vinyl rolls provide a stunning and less messy alternative to paint and sponges. Or check out our chalkboard sticker labels. These are perfect for labeling jars, canisters or toy bins. Discover your creative side by adding a little pop into the kitchen or living room with prints and patterns like none other. Our vinyl is easy to clean and easy to apply. .

How to enhance your beautiful furniture

Tea Table Furniture Decal

FancyFix provides best window films, which improves your glass windows Window Film Systems has been expertly outfitting retail locations for over three decades, providing solutions for real-life glass-related situations that directly affect staff and customers. Our intention is to supply and install film that fits as a second skin, to regulate, transform, protect and secure the glass that not only encases your everyday surroundings but also keeps you connected to those around you.

Furniture Sticker
Furniture Decals Before and After

How it improves?

Little description will come here about the before after case study, what was the situation when client hired us, then what we did what was the result, as u can see the images, it speaks the story, it increased the energy efficiency as well, for our client.

Read more about this in our Case Study section.
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