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Stained Glass Window Films

Stained Glass Window Films

For over 10 years, Fancy Fix has been the leading manufacturer abroad in window film. With our stained glass window films, you can enhance your window treatments while also giving your home a beautiful and affordable upgrade. Our stunning stained glass film is easy to install with our amazing static cling technology; it goes on quick and comes off even quicker and they won’t fall down! These privacy window films are a great way to add privacy and a distinctive look to your home, office, or even your dorm room.

Not only are our residential window film treatments a fun addition to any room, they also provided great heat control—they help to block out most UV rays to reduce heat in any room, especially ones that receive direct sunlight throughout the day. In the colder months, the window films will actually retain heat, which helps cut down on electricity bills.

Our stained glass window films come in three different stunning designs: a beautiful floral, an earthy feather and a fun under-the-sea design. At Fancy Fix, we offer an affordable option to upgrading your home without breaking the bank. Whether it’s the bathroom, living room, kitchen or office, our static cling films are perfect for any space. Give your home the unique upgrade it needs while also adding privacy and glare control to your home and family life.


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