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Perfect for areas requiring protection from light and UVThrough the long-term commitment to research and development, we have created countless advanced window film products.

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When they Speak

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    The wife and I wanted to add a little style and be different so we found that these would be perfect. It added color into our lives and made our ordinary window something fun to look at now. The instructions that were
    with the stain glass film were real easy to follow and apply. I think we were able to apply the film onto a window, after measuring it, within about 15 minutes which is pretty darn fast. It sticks onto the glass real nicely and shows no signs of falling off anytime soon. The price is way cheaper than buying stain glass win dow and this was a lot more fun to do. If you arelooking to easily decorate a boring window than I would recommend this right off the bat. Great price and awesome quality.

    Joon, USA
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    Fantastic! Read all the reviews and unrolled the sheets on dinning room table with weights for two days. We installed them on sliding doors between sun room and living room. If the sun room curtains were open at night, everyone could see directly into the house. Only tip is patience as it is sort of hard to get backing peeled back if you have to cut it to size, but it goes on easily. We use credit card to smooth the bubbles out. We get perfect filtered light from the inside. At night you can make out shapes and distorted colors, if the lights are on and you are standing right next to the glass. However our neighbors are a little further away so it works just fine for us. Plants are happy getting all the sunlight, and mom is happy that no one can see her sitting on the sofa.

    Justin Henningson, USA

Simple to Install

Tools Required

  • Spray Bottle
  • Application Solution (2% baby shampoo in filtered water)
  • Squeese/Applicator
  • Craft Knife
  • Lint-free Cloth
  • Straight Edge
  • Measuring Tape

DO’s & DON’Ts

  • This product is for internal use only on flat glass.
  • Do not install inside showers, on hot glass or under 10OC.
  • Not to be used on double gllassazed windows or as automotive film.

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