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The Benefits of Chalkboard Sticker for Home Office

chalkboard sticker office

Using a chalkboard sticker in your home office can make every aspect of your schedule easier – from remembering important appointments to taking notes and to-do lists to having a easily changeable calendar that you can update by the week or month.

Benefits of Chalkboard Sticker Application

You can readily transform any home office wall surface into a chalkboard, with a simple system that only requires you to just peel and stick. Instead of tiny corkboards, dry erase boards, and other options sold as home office supplies, your entire work area quickly converts into a terrific note-taking creation.

The many things you can accomplish with a chalkboard sticker decorated workspace at home include:

1. Create a to-do list that lets you erase jobs as they get done
2. Create quick and easy memos for appointments or reminders
3. Write notes and memos in chalk or chalk ink, and erase with an eraser or clean cloth in an instant
4. Add décor to your home in a whimsical and fun way that’s also practical
5. Chalkboard stickers can make your home office cooler, your life easier, and your office supply budget fatter.

Advantages of Chalkboard Sticker Application over Alternatives

Compared to traditional methods for adding a chalkboard to your home office, such as chalk paint or old-school framed chalkboards, innovative chalkboard stickers have several obvious advantages. Adhesives are:

1. Easier to apply than paint
2. More cost-effective than paint or framed chalkboards
3. Able to be applied easily over large spaces in minutes
4. Removable without causing damage to the wall

Up to 42 inch widths and varying lengths are available, making it possible to cover entire walls and even desktops or the sides of your filing cabinets.

Unique Ideas for Chalkboard Sticker Use

Chalkboard stickers can be used in many ways in your home office to make your day more productive and organized – and can also be used for inspiration.

1. Cut squares and place on a grid with blank wall space in between for a huge wall calendar.
2. Create to-do lists with steps required for each process, such as filing taxes, balancing finances, ordering supplies, and so on.
3. Make a simple wish list to keep in mind for when people owe you favors or ask what they can do to help.
4. Write a motivational saying each day for you to look at. You can also use this same method for word of the day or quote of the day.
5. Stock different colors of chalk and permit yourself to doodle when on a phone call or on hold.
6. Instead of a desk blotter, use chalkboard sticker on your desk surface for quick note taking.


When creating your home office, keep chalkboard sticker application in mind as you can easily place it on any surface and always remove it later. This is a valuable tool and could be a lifesaver in situation when you find yourself without a pen and paper!

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