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The Four Kinds of Static Cling Window Films

Static Cling Window Film

Static cling window film comes in many styles, textures, and colors! It can be used for many places in your home, bringing sophistication, a new type of home décor, and energy efficiency to any room.

Colored Window Film

Colored window film is one of the simplest decorative films. Color is added to tint the film before the final layers are sealed together to create static cling film that can readily be applied to windows. This type of film is popular in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms to provide a charming twist on traditional home décor as well as providing some UV protection in the case of UV films and to modulate the feel of the room or pepe it up. Imagine using matching red film on a window located on an accent wall, or soft blue or green in the nursery to imbue a feeling of calm for the little one sleeping there.

Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film is one of the most popular styles of window film, especially in parlors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The designs are created with dye that is applied before the final layer of protective plastic polymer, and when the static cling film is applied to the window, the effect is similar to that of a real stained glass window! Designs are usually geometric, and can have anywhere from 2 to 8 different colors or more. Silver colored bands separate the different “sections”, so it appears as though you have real leaded stained glass installed in your home. It can really make a room lively with color, and provides a tranquil air for a library or study.

Etched Window Film

In contrast to stained glass window film, etched window film has designed etched into the surface of the film and is generally either clear or tinted a universal color across the entire roll of film. The designs can be of leaves or snowflakes or frost – any type of design that can be evoked with fine lines. The result is a film that provides a small measure of privacy thanks to the disruption of the flat surface with the etched design, and still allows plenty of light to enter. This kind of film is also popular in bathrooms, bedroom, and windows that look in on parts of the house where a slight privacy effect is desired.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film can be used as a term to describe any or all of the above types of static cling window film; etched, colored, or stained glass window film are all just variants on basic static cling film that is becoming more and more popular for interior decorating. It is inexpensive, effective at providing privacy and UV protection as well as energy savings, and can change any room in an instant. Best of all, decorative window film can be easily removed to restore a rental or leased home to its original state, or changed out for different types of static cling film depending on whims or the seasons.

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