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Using Decorative​ Whiteboard Stickers in Your Home or Office

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If you’re a busy professional or have active children – or both! – you know that it’s easy to forget an important date, or lose track of what activity is when. Paper calendars can make it hard to erase and change plans, and they can be too small to write without being cramped. Planners and post it notes can get lost or ruined, and keeping track of a collection of papers is nearly impossible.

A whiteboard is an easy choice, especially if your plans are fluid and always changing. However, these can be expensive, clunky, and hard to place. Getting the whiteboard effect without the board is possible though! A whiteboard decal gives you the same bonuses, without the hassle.

Placement is key, and there are many places you can apply your whiteboard decal so it is easily noticed and used. Here are some smart spots to put your decal:

1. On walls throughout the house or office. By a door or desk, or even in the hallway, or kitchen.

2. On windows, especially those where the view isn’t needed.

3. On doors. Whether it is a bedroom door, a front door, or even a refrigerator door, a whiteboard is easily spotted on things we use daily.

4. On cupboards and cabinets.

5. On furniture like shelves, desks, and dressers.

Whiteboard stickers don’t just have to be for functionality, either. If you have an artist in your house, they can be great mediums to showcase art, and when the piece grows old, you can erase it and start over. You can also write notes to family or staff members, and have discussions throughout the day or week. Whether they’re serious or wacky, it’s a group effort that everyone can chip into!

Designs are also another way to customize your decal, and with their adaptable qualities, you can tweak your sticker until its perfect. Ways to decorate your decal include:

1. Cutting them into neat shapes. With a pair of scissors, you can make your decal into a circle, oval, or other fun shapes – even animal shapes!

2. Splitting the decal up into sections. Organizing your decal can make it easy for others to understand what’s written on it, and you can always change the design when it gets stale.

3. With colored markers, you can draw borders, frames, and designs around the edges of your sticker.

4. Themes like calendars are available, and you can also arrange your sticker yourself to fit a certain purpose.

A whiteboard decal is a smart, innovative choice for your house or office, and unlike actual whiteboards, they don’t require screws, nails, or special installations. Our decals also come off the walls easily, leaving no adhesives, residue or holes in the wall. Whiteboard decals are an easy, fun way to keep track of your life, and the lives of those around you, without the hassle of planners, paper calendars, or cumbersome boards.

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