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One of the Most Important Window Film Benefits – UV Protection

UV Protection Window Film

Did you know that harmful UV rays can travel though glass? This explains why you can get “driver sunburn” even with your window rolled up if you are wearing a sleeveless top – the UV rays are causing damage to your skin even after passing through your car window.

But what are UV rays, exactly – where do they come from and why are they harmful? UV radiation is present in sunlight, and can also be replicated in tanning lamps, black lights, and even electrical arcs. Most UV radiation is filtered out of the sunlight as it passes through the ozone layer, but some does get through, especially where the ozone layer is thinner around the equator.

States like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida have the highest levels of UV radiation, with southern California and Texas being the states in which UV is the strongest overall. The further south you go, the higher percentage of each day holds higher UVR concentration.
The UV rays’ power peak at solar noon, when your shadow is shortest, but the time period of moderate to extreme UVR can be anywhere from two hours on either side of solar noon up to six hours before and after noon (almost all day).
While UV rays do help supply the body with bone strengthening vitamin D, UV radiation can be extremely harmful to your health. Skin cancer including melanoma and non-melanoma) is the most common form of cancer in the US, beating out breast, colon, prostate and lung cancers combined.

1 in 5 Americans get skin cancer, and 1 American dies every hour from skin cancer. Exposure to UVR significantly increases risk. UV radiation can also cause premature aging and other skin damage.

In addition to skin diseases and aging, UVR can cause cataracts and other eye damage, which is preventable if the eyes are protected from UV radiation. Immune suppression has also be discovered in patients with less than optimal sun protection.
Obviously UV rays need to be blocked. But how can you stop the rays form travelling through glass windows? The answer is UV protection window film. UV window film was originally developed for car windows, and is now common in homes across the US. UV window film blocks almost 100% of harmful UV rays, and can also provide a modicum of privacy without the need for constantly drawn curtains or closed blinds.

Besides its UV blocking and tinting capabilities, UV window film can also cut down on heat in the home by blocking the sun’s rays. This reduces your electric bill. In winter window film reflects heat back into the home, reducing heating costs.

The absence of UV rays means that furniture won’t fade or degrade in the sunlight coming through the windows. Window film can also provide a safety feature by holding shards and splinters of glass together if a window were to be shattered.
Why not just invest in tinted windows instead? Most tinted windows are strictly for reducing energy costs and don’t include UV protection. Window film with UV protection is readily available, and much cheaper than full window replacement. You can even install it yourself for more savings.

Don’t let UV rays put you at risk for skin cancer or other problems, invest in inexpensive and attractive UV window film today and discover just how much protection you can get. Your skin deserves it.

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