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How Vinyl Decals can Renew your Home

vinyl wall decals

Wondering how to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the budget. Wall stickers can create a whole new vibe in your home and increase the happiness you feel when you look around. Hide imperfections, gloss over old stains or scratches, and lighten the surroundings with fun and classy wall stickers that can renovate your entire home’s interior décor!

Rooms to Renew using Wall Stickers

Virtually every room in your house can be made to pop with the judicious use of wall stickers.
1. Kitchens can be made to look fantastic with hexagonal wall stickers or square one arranged to give a classic tile effect – no porcelain and no grout, just artfully arranged wall stickers!
2. Dining rooms can benefit from fancy wall stickers that evoke a sideboard or chandelier effect even if your home has never seen such furnishing before.
3. Living rooms can be turned into a friendly haven with wall stickers that look like trees – it’s “Where the Wild Things Are” come to life!
4. The bedroom can benefit from charming wall stickers that evoke a headboard behind a plain bed frame.
5. The bathroom can be turned into an even better place to apply makeup or fiddle with your hair with mirror wall stickers.
6. Entryways can be embellished with wall stickers that look like textured wallpaper or which send a welcoming message.

Advantages of Wall Stickers for Home Renewal

A wall sticker can be used in so many ways for different effects and to different advantages. With the right design and shape, you can:
1. Create an illusion that a room is bigger or has a higher ceiling. Mirrored stickers instantly add depth, and slender, tall stickers expand the height of a room.
2. Add beauty in the form of bold geometric designs or flowing lines that evoke trees, vines, and trellises.
3. Add life and fun to kids’ rooms or nurseries with animal cutouts and nature themes.
4. Add a pop of color to an otherwise boring rooms – think wall tiles in a contrasting color to the wall paint, or simple silhouettes that create talking points or focal points

Types of Wall Stickers to Highlight Your Home

With all the variety in wall stickers, you can have plenty of fun deciding on your redecorating scheme – and be able to repeat the process at will without the expense of repainting!
1. Wall stickers can be two dimensional and brightly colored, three dimensional and intricate, or even a combination of the two. Let your imagination soar.
2. Use mirrored stickers when hanging a wall mirror is impractical, or when you want to make a room look bigger. This is cheaper than installing mirrored glass and can be taken down at any time.
3. Tile stickers are a favorite in bathrooms and kitchens when a makeover is wanted but your budget won’t allow for actual tile.

Wall stickers are, in a nutshell, a terrific way for you to express yourself and renew the look of your home without huge expense or permanent changes – which can be great if you are living in an apartment or rental. You can make the space your own and restore it when needed to its original look. Try out some wall stickers on the walls of your home and find out why this is one of the most popular new home décor ideas around.

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