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Whiteboard Finish Magnetic Wallpaper Delivers Organized Efficiency

Magnetic Wallpaper

Your home can be both organized and attractive when you deviate from the norm and start thinking outside the box. Magnetic wallpaper with a whiteboard finish lets you update your look, adding convenience and promoting creativity and organization.

The advantages of whiteboard magnetic wallpaper include:
1. Magnetic wallpaper is made from a flexible, magnetic thin sheet. It has a natural, non-glue, self-adhesive backing. You can easily apply the paper to any clean surface, including a wall, the side of a refrigerator or other appliance, or many other pieces of furniture. Have dry erase markers conveniently located, and you can make notes, write reminders, or even have fun drawing and coloring while on a phone call.

2. Since the self-adhesive is natural and not glue based, when you get tired of the magnetic wallpaper you can simply peel it off and put it somewhere else. There’s no sticky residue to make you hesitate about removing and reapplying it, and it can’t damage your furniture!

3. The whiteboard magnetic wallpaper is also very long lasting, and you can move it one place to another – for example, if you move you can take it with you. If you are using one by your desk, it can be just as mobile as your desk is. Just make sure you always clean and dry the surface you are applying it to to make it last for years.

4. The magnetic wallpaper whiteboard is manufactured using zero hazardous materials, so you don’t have to worry if pets or children are in the house. The materials are subject to and comply with the EN71 standard; they are non-toxic, lead free, and contain no VOC that would harm anyone or anything – including the environment.

5. The whiteboard finish on this magnetic wallpaper lets you use any dry erase marker to quickly make important notes, create a calendar or track after school programs and additional family schedules with different colors of marker for each person.

6. Thanks to the magnetic feature, you can also use this paper as a magnet board! Just stock up on cheap colorful magnets, and stick notes for school, receipts, appointment reminders, bills and more on your whiteboard wallpaper. You can also buy letters and use the whiteboard magnetic wallpaper to teach spelling and writing – using the magnetic letters as an example.

7. Put this magnetic whiteboard wallpaper in any room – the kitchen allows you to make grocery lists, the home office lets you take quick notes during phone conferences, the entryway is the perfect spot for those reminders and scheduling nots.

Let every family member take advantage of the magnetic whiteboard wallpaper and see how organized your life can be! It’s an amazing tool, and an attractive one, too.

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