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FancyFix windows films, wall sticker and self adhesive films are available in several styles to improve home life.



Product works great and was very simple to cut to size and apply. I used the Fancy-fix Glass Mini Mosaic Decorative Window Film on my front door glass as well as in my home office window. Both windows are the same design, but different sizes. I was glad to know that my measurements I took were correct and I had plenty of material to use on both windows! I followed the directions, which were very clear and easy to follow. Based on other reviews I did place it flat on my table for about an hour. I did not have any curling or wrinkles when I unrolled it and I believe I could have skipped laying it out. I only did that based on others reviews that had difficulties. On the door I decided to place it on the full sheet of glass and removed the plastic “grid”. I am sure that it will not peel off easily since I installed it this way. It also made install easier and I did not have to cut 5 separate shapes, it also gave it a look as if it I had purchased it that way! On the larger window, I did not have the option the remove the “grid” and simply applied it to the window and used a razor blade to trim to shape. I made a few mistakes, but I was on a ladder and that is more on me than the product. I have included pictures to show the final install. I was able to do both in about an hour in a half. This product helped solve my concerns of how to not lose the appeal of light and provide privacy! I am Very happy with the results!

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    Great product! Added just the right amount of privacy to our daughter’s nail studio without making it seem clostrophobic.
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    It’s super cute. But, it’s thin. And you only get 78″ per roll. And it’s more expensive than my Contact brand shelf liner that comes with like 50 ft. It’s just nowhere near close lto the quality of Contact or Duck brand. But, like I said, it’s very cute. I used it to cover my sterlite drawers. I only did the fronts and was out of paper. The glass knobs look great on it too!
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    Our dining room windows face the side of our neighbors house. I wanted to find something that would be nicer to look at. I love the finished product and didn’t have any problem putting this on the windows. It looks lighter inside, but the outside looks really bright blue.
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    Looks really cool with sunlight shining through. Perfect to give us some privacy in the bedroom without blocking the light out. now we can sleep with the blinds/curtains open.
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    I was skeptical that something this easy would work very well. I am pleased and very happy to say that it works!! I took a chance and purchased it at a discount for my unbiased review and am happy that I did. It was easy to measure it and cut it with the grid on the back. My husband held one end and I the other to put it up on a mirror in our learning area for my 4 year old. I teach preschool so I needed something that I could demonstrate clearly the alphabet and numbers he needs to learn. It works just like a chalkboard with the added benefit of being able to use a damp cloth to wipe clean without the dust a chalkboard eraser makes. I am definitely buying another one for him to have in his bedroom for drawing.
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    Love these for my classroom! Bought two panels to use as a “word wall” and they are a great addition! I’m using the liquid chalk markers to really make the words pop with color. Highly recommend!
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