Apply Frosted Window Film for Privacy

Living in large cosmopolitan can be somewhat crowded. Like it or not, your grouchy could be spread when you sprawl your body at the couch finding that you will get your neighbors’ attention even just a fleeting glimpse.

To remedy what is essentially a large picture window, it’s time you applying frosted window film!


Frosted window film Paper towelsSpray bottleWater + dish soapSqueegee/ Sharp utility knife/Tape measure (our kit comes with one!)Bath towel or rag

l WHAT to Do

This job couldn’t be easier! Even for those who haven’t applied frosted film before, there is nothing to worry.

To get started, we need to clean the window thoroughly, inside and out.

Next, measure the size of your window. In some case, you can order similar size, which prevent you from having to cut it down before applying. Otherwise, you still need a bit cutting exercise. Side note: There are two schools of thought on this. Some suggest cutting your film down to the exact size (less about 1/16″) before applying the film, whereas others suggest leaving 1-2″ of slack to trim after it’s been applied. We recommend the latter.

After that, fill a spray bottle with 1-2drops of dish soap and water, and then spray it liberally all over the window.

Then it is time to apply the film! The frosted film comes with a thin transparent plastic backing. Carefully peel the backing. Think that the film is going to be sticky? Actually, it’s not. It is, however, very static, so be careful to avoid touching any other surfaces as you bring it over to the window.

All Fancy Fix window film come with an adorable, teeny squeegee, and once the film is on the window, use it to pull out the bubbles. There might be a lot of bubbles, but you can start in the center and work your way out, until you can’t see anymore (in about 5 minutes). The soapy water allows for the tiniest bit of give, so there’s plenty of time to reposition the film if absolutely necessary, although we wouldn’t recommend pulling it off completely.

Once you are bubble-free, you are good to trim your edges. Use the squeegee as a guide, actually, any straight edge will work. We strongly recommend using some sort of straight edge, as it could be really difficult to cut a straight line on the somewhat slippery film. It is recommended that Use a brand new blade on your utility knife as it will be sharp enough. Then, carefully cut off the excess. And watch out, you don’t want to scratch yourself!

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