Custom Window Film with Your Photos only in 3 Steps!

From now on, you can decorate your home and office with Fancy Fix custom window film! Isn’t that lovely? Decorate your windows and glass doors with your favorite photos, logo and pictures. Let’s have a look at how this work.

Fancy Fix new custom window film print service will make high quality prints of the pictures you provided with all that window film features retained. Like decorative effect and privacy adding. However, as it interacts with light passing through the glass: soft tones and colors are soft and beautifully reproduced, strong and bright colors remains strong and bright, you will 100 percent love the look of your art on a window film. It is a great way to decorate glass doors, windows, showers and mirrors with a custom look.

All our custom films are made taking advantage of ‘Giclee For Glass’ printing technique and adhesive-free translucent film. These proprietary inks and substrates have been improved by Fancy Fix for decorating glass and will look great for years. Please bear in mind that high quality prints require high quality images. Do provide high quality images when you need this service.

The custom window film has a translucent privacy that doesn’t darken the room, although some artwork with dark colors can reduce the amount of light entering the room. And the film is adhesive-free, so it is easy to apply, easy to remove and can be reapplied many times.

Yes, you can have this amazing custom window film from Fancy Fix only in 3 simple steps!

l Upload phot0s

l Enter size & select material

l Basket & checkout

Here shows our custom window film site address:

Then you upload your favorite photo, maybe art, logo etc. it is highly recommended that you upload images with at least 8 million pixels and 300 dpi within 10MB. As I mentioned, high quality prints require high quality images.

You can preview the image on the right side. Click ‘continue’ only if the image looks great to you. (We also help you to check the quality of your images)

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