DIY Adhesive Chalkboard with Kristin Kay

We are happy to do some DIY with little cute Fancy-Fix items as always. And today we are going to be doing a Dollar Tree craft with our adhesive chalkboard. So, who is Kristin Kay anyway?

For those who don’t know, Kristin Kay is a KOL on YouTube who has more than 12,000 subscribers. This 30-year-old mom is a huge lover of decorating and she loves her two little girls so much that she’s trying out different kind of DIYS for her girls!

And here we offer the YouTube video for your reference, feel free to watch it!

At the beginning, we contacted her and asked her to pick out an item of our website and to try it out. We really like the usage review to be reasonable and realistic. So we sent a roll of adhesive chalkboard with the size 45 by 200 cm for her to give it a try.

Yeah, we know that many of you still have the stereotype that chalkboard (whiteboard) is supposed to be a “hard board”. However, if it comes in as an adhesive roll, wouldn’t it be amazing?

So when everything’s ready, we are going to get started.

The first DIY project we have is going to be a commend Center. We got two 8 by 10 frames, some tiny clothes pins, twine and some white spray paint. Firstly we take the E6000 and also hot glue and we gonna glue all frames together and take them outside and spray paint them.

And while we were waiting for the spray paint to dry, we went back inside and took the glass from the smaller picture frame and cut the chalkboard adhesive and fit it to size. It’s so nice because these little bubbles just come right out when you press them down. Once that was in we just put in inside the frame and then put it back on. After that we take the twine to the Frame and glue it all different just to make sure it didn’t fall apart and we glue a piece of twine to the top as well, so we have somewhere to hang this. We were going to leave it exactly how that was but it looked so bring and we decided to add some flowers to it.

And we also decided to add a burlap bow and we all think it looks so cute to tap it off.

And we also made a little menu, using a 5 by 7 frame. This kind of frame can be bought from the Dollar Tree. Cut this and fit it to size and that’s the grid on it. You can cut it so easy with that although you may be having trouble as they could keep rolling up on you. After all, it is an adhesive roll, isn’t it? So you just put it on the glass, put it right back.

This is probably one of the easiest DIY you can possibly do. Just putting a piece of chalkboard adhesive on a frame and that is it.

You can write whatever you want. If you have some nice nice chalkboard handwriting, this is your craft guys.

So since you still have some chalkboard adhesive left and you definitely don’t want to just throw it away. Why don’t you put some sort of chalkboard on the side of the frigerator for the kids to play with? It is a kind of paint but it is much easier to take. Make sure you get rid of all the bubbles and you will be excited about how it just smooth out!

And don’t forget to have a little box to throw your chalks in, which you can get it at Target during school days

So it’s time to let your kids be able to play on this and entertain themselves for a while especially the time when you are cooking!

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