Easy DIY for Fabulous Frosted Glass Texture

Frosted glass is timeless and looks great in any style when it comes to home décor. It adds texture and pattern to what otherwise may be a cold surface, and it softens the sharpness of mirror like glass. It enhances an ethereal feel, privacy and high end looking touch of a room. And what’s more, you can do it yourself. Today we are going to inspire you with some easy DIY ideas of frosted glass texture.

DIY frosted glass, in general, can be achieved in one of three ways:

Frosted glass spray paint

Etching crème

Rolls of frosted plastic film (window film is a good example)

Which method you use depends on how permanent you want your frosted glass to be and on what kind of surfaces it will be used on. However, as Fancy Fix provides frosted window film, we will mainly talk about how to use window film to accomplish these easy DIY projects.

Window film + vases

Now you have a transparent glass vase. With frosted window film, you can easily make a temporary frosted glass vase. Why temporary? You are able to peel the film if you want the vase have another look! You can also design different shape and patterns, cut it with scissors and then stick the pattern to the vase. And done! You can do exact same thing to your drinking glasses, and candle caps.

Window film + door glass

Got a decorative glass door that could use some dressing up? Then use some window film to add that frosted glass look.

When you are looking for privacy, nothing looks more sophisticated than frosted glass. Learn how to apply frosted window film? You will want to check out another post: Apply Frosted Window Film for Privacy.

This photo shows a bathroom window that gets privacy from frosted window film, but leaves some space for light and more view. You can do this exact same thing in your bathroom!

Window film + window glass

Use it as always it is for, doesn’t? See below picture from Emily Henderson’s Boho Glam, Mid Century inspired fresh style. She used privacy window film in different colors and patterns to create some seclusion for her office, and it looks awesome. I mean, seriously. AWESOME.

Want some apartment therapy? We got an easy update of this 8o’s mirrored closet door with frosted window film. Looks better, right?

We hope you will enjoy these frosted glass DIY with window film ideas as much as we do here in Fancy Fix.

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