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Our mission here in Fancy Fix is helping DIY lovers finding an easy cozy way to do your own DIY projects with simple accessible materials. In Fany-fix.com, we have various products; we have window film, wallpaper/sticker, tablecloths and shower curtain. Yes, we admit these are basic fundamental items. On the other hand, when we think out of the box a little bit, there can be a variety of utilities to be excavated. Today we are going to tap you with some inspirations. Don’t miss it!

+ Placemats= Kids enjoy every single meal!

Buy some dollar store placemats and then adhere our chalkboard sticker on one side. Easily make it fun for kids to graffiti and learning. No worry that they don’t like have meals anymore.

Now you can have chalkboard with hundreds of things!

+ glass

Chalkboard sticker on glasses to write names, so you don’t mess up whose glass is who’s. you can also design and cut some patterns with scissors from the chalkboard to add more fun.

You can also have smaller, different shape for champagne glass decoration for your parties.

+ Porcelain plate

“Life is better in flip flops” –you can also have other personal motto for this spirit decoration.

+ Cards

DIY your rehearsal dinner gold confetti invitation or other seasoning greeting cards!

+ Paper box

Give any paper box a Nordic look with 6 surfaces in chalkboard. It is great for gift box or simply just a home decorative storage box.

+ Cylindrical glass vases

For those who never thought about it-Patterned window film can be use to decorate your cylindrical glass vase and wall paper as well. We hardly found any picture post on the internet regarding window film use in smooth glass vase surface. But there are some posts about using wallpaper. This idea often comes out after people decorate their wall with some wallpaper left over. Here is a reference shows what Kristin Kay did.


From 1:07 to 1:58 displays who she use contact paper (no worry, Fancy Fix wallpaper has exactly the same function as the so-called contact paper) to finish her DIY vase.

See similar pattern in fancy fix as what Kristin Kay used:



We hope you will be inspired by these ideas. Feel free to write down your DIY ideas and share us!

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