Fall Decor Is on the Way

Fall season is right around the Connor. Say hello to fall by adding some cozy autumnal décor and bring some symbolic fall patterns to your home.

Surly there are so many ways to decorate your room in a tasteful and festive way for fall. Maple leaves (or other fall foliage), pumpkins, wheat sheaves and pinecones are a handful of popular themes that can serve as inspiration. You can simply mix all of these elements together across your mantle or you can stagger them artfully down your front steps.

When decorating for fall, do keep in mind that it is best to get the most bangs for your buck and pick one look that will carry you through tailgate, Halloween, and Thanksgiving seasons. There’s no need to be too holiday specific.

Simple 10-Minute Rustic Mantel

You can make this simple and rustic mantel as shown picture. This quick-to make arrangement delivers what Southern Living floral genius Buffy Hargett Miller calls "an easy wow."

You can also add more autumn look by matching Fancy Fix RETRO WOOD GRAIN DESIGN wallpaper:

How to do it:

Wrap twine several times around votive holders and colorful fall leaves, and then secure with a knot. To construct different heights, top the votives with varying numbers of small white pumpkins. Add a touch more autumn dazzle to your display with this simple addition: Gather an assortment of colorful fall leaves, and use wire to fasten them to a length of rope to form a beautiful seasonal garland. Using temporary adhesive hooks, attach the garland to your mantel.

The 25-Minute Centerpiece

A smart mix of green tones, white, and flashes of fall color make this centerpiece feel like a fresh, modern cornucopia.

Three types of tablecloth for you to choose to match:

How to do it:

Take a round or oval container, and fill it with potting soil. Plant a mix of succulents (such as echeverias) toward the center of the bowl, leaving plenty of room around the edges. Nestle small orange and white pumpkins into the soil. Add seasonal vegetables like kale, radishes, and eggplants. Use bundles of fresh herbs (such as rosemary and sage) to fill in any gaps. Surround with more pumpkins and votives.

Pile Them On

Two window film items recommended for adding stunning look:

For a quick and easy approach, group your favorite tiny pumpkins on a side table, and let the collection speak for itself. There is no right or wrong way to create this display. This arrangement looks unintentional, adding a carefree, casual seasonal touch.

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