Fancy Fix designed wall decor for TXJ Ltd's Exhibition Booth

What does a wallpaper can be used for? To decorate walls is the very basic function. Also, you can use it on your cabinet or other furniture to refresh your furnishing style.

Here! We get a new way to use Fancy Fix self-adhesive wallpaper -- the exhibition booth decorating. Last month, TXJ Ltd. -- one of our partners invited us to decorate their booth on CIFF (China International Furniture Fair).

After decorating, the TXJ’s booth was quite outstanding among other booths. Different with the traditional industrial decorating style, Fancy Fix wallpaper gave TXJ’s booth a new modern style. A living room sample go with Fancy Fix’s 3D brick pattern wallpaper, customers came in constantly and asked if we have a real brick wall.

Moreover, we also took several costumed wallpapers for TXJ’s booth. For instance, we putted an old-fashioned bicycle pattern wallpaper at the entrance of their booth which attracted dozens of people walked in. For the kitchen area, we printed some cooking scenes on the wallpaper to go with TXJ’S dining-table and dining-chairs.

Check the video below to see how we did the whole decoration.

Fancy Fix is stepping forward all the time, we made a big progress after this decoration for TXJ. Do you want to have a creative and unique decorating style for your booth? Come and find us without hesitate.

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