Love Me Love My Bathroom

Don’t you ever feel exhausted? Living a fast-paced urban life, we are sometimes overwhelmed by working as busy as a bee. We have to realize the fact the way that access to our dream is still long. Every day, after ending a heavy and brain-burning work, all we want is to get back to our comfort zone by inertia, either quietly lie on the bed/sofa to relax, or in the bathroom, fading the glitz, and the YOU in the others’ eye and release your soul.

Cannot remember since when, we are prone to stay in our bathroom for longer and longer. All agree that time flies, thus there are more and more young people want to be casual and enjoy themselves in that small space, where only belong to themselves.

Whether you believe it or not, we have to say, the simpler and lighter the small objects, the easier it is to change the visual experience that a space brings.

Why don’t you try to install this frosted film on your bathroom glass window/ gate? You may simply find that these privacy-protected films are widely used whether in business or resort hotels. As it does not change the layout of the room, but the matte texture embellishment can definitely enhance the visual aesthetic of the space as the second it is installed.

I can’t wait to install this pure frosted film on my bathroom glass. Imagine showering heat refreshes you and wake your mind up. What a great way to start a day!

HIBISCUS, this hibiscus frosted film not only has a lovely name but is absolutely good looking. No wonder it is so loved by girls. With 3-D Etching technology, HIBISCUS looks visually full of the imagination of light and shadow. Your face will appear more elegant and pretty against the background of HIBISCUS. Won’t you feel joyful when you are doing your make up for a romantic date in this lovely room? We all like to have a persistent pursuit of beauty, don’t we?

Oh wait, wait there is one more thing we need to make sure. Is this frosted film easy to install? I’ve tried to install the film twice, and I can promise you that every adult can handle the installation with ease. As this static film is glue free, you don’t have to worry the messy if you don’t install it right at the first time. So it is quit DIY friendly, isn’t it? You can always remove the film and spray a lot of water to both glass and film surface to re-install it again. One key point to hold is to spray enough water and remove all the generated babbles even if it is tiny making the glass and the film surface 100% fit with each other.

Now that you know what to have with your bathroom and how to have it, it is time to give your bathroom a new look! I hope you would love this feeling as much as I do.

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