Make Your Wall Writable Now

Ever thought about notes on board but get bored and exhausted on sticky note? You should probably take a look at our whiteboard sticker and use this trendy item to make your wall writable.

Peel, stick and write!

Our creative handwriting product, the whiteboard sticker, is a re-stickable whiteboard that applies onto any smooth surface in minutes! The specialty formulated adhesive makes it a breeze to install on most non-porous surfaces. Fancy Fix whiteboard/blackboard sticker comes in different sizes and finishes to match your specific needs. (Our whiteboard-sticker can be double as a whiteboard & background for your projector!)

For company office - get collaborative

There is no doubt that teams that collaborate more, perform better. Using a whiteboard sticker helps with group planning, brainstorming, and communication. It is a perfect solution for any business that likes to get creative in their workspace, making it easy to do big idea thinking and drawing. It is ideal for meeting rooms, board rooms, classrooms, labs, training rooms or home office. It is also a great for to do lists, scheduling, reminders, messages, so you don’t have mess around with post notes any more.

For your home- get creative

Your whiteboard sticker is your canvas, use it to draw, diagram, list and play. It’s a one step way to make your home a creative wonderland for you and the kids.

Fancy fix has helped offer opportunity for thousands of kids all over the globe to draw and write, creating their imaginative world!

Details and installation

The Original Fancy Fix whiteboard sticker is available in white and black finishes.

To install the whiteboard sticker you will need a measuring tape, a pen, a utility knife, a rag, a squeegee, a masking tape, a scraper, and a partner.

1. Measure the size of the applying wall and mark out the applying edge.

2. Cut the sticker to proper size if needed.

3. Use scraper to shave the un-smooth surface.

4. Clean up the wall thoroughly; make sure no dust left on the surface.

5. Line the sticker up against the markings with your partner. Then tape all 4 corners and apply 1 large piece of tape vertically, dividing both sides of the whiteboard. Make sure the sticker is nice and straight.

6. Peel off half of the backing paper gently with your partner, one grab the backing paper and the other peeling off the sticker to the middle point. Cut the backing paper that was peeled off half away.

7. Squeegee out air bubbles. If the air bubbles persist, peel off sticker and reapply by following the steps above.

8. Repeat step 6 & 7 to finish the other side.

There you go! You now have a dry erase whiteboard wall.

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