Solar Window Film Improves Energy Efficiency

The room that is almost always too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, leaving homeowners frustrated about how to address the problem.

The solution might be easier and cheaper than you think. Applying solar window film can often bring immediate and permanent results. Solar window film can resist 99% of UV rays and visible light. It can protect your eyes and skin. Importantly, it can also prevent your furniture from fading out.

In fact, not every window in the home should have a window film. East- and west-facing windows are the best candidates, as they see summer sun from dawn to dusk. South-facing windows are possible candidates, although the film, even if it helps to hold warm air in during winter, may block solar heat gain in the cold months when the sun is in the low southern sky, thus offsetting efficiency gains realized in the summer. North-facing windows almost never need window films.

As for the installation, normally, you don't need pro workers to install Fancy Fix window films. Because almost all of our window films are using static technology. You can install it by yourself within a few steps and tools. Check the video below to see how to do your installation.

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