Something You Need to Know about Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a common home décor to make some different to the look of your room. For those who are new, and want to initially try to renovate their home with wallpaper, we’ve gathered information about terms and types to help you decide.

Terms to Know

Double Roll, Single Roll: A double roll means that you get two rolls of wallpaper on one single roll (the rolls are simply packaged into one for easier shipment). PS: all Fancy Fix wallpapers are single roll.Non-pasted, Pre-pasted, and Self-adhesive: If using non-pasted, apply the paste to the paper itself, pre-pasted paper needs to just be soaked in water before applying, and self-adhesive is a temporary, removable paper. PS: all Fancy Fix wallpapers are self-adhesive.

Buying Wallpaper

Determine how much you need. Measure the length and height of each wall to determine the square footage. Note the square footage on each roll of the paper you have selected and use these numbers to determine how many rolls you should buy. It is highly recommended that you always buy extra.Wallpaper comes in batches. Please be noted that there is no guarantee that wallpaper from two different batches will be exactly the same color. You should always buy extra from the same batch for mishaps and repairs.

Wallpaper Types

Vinyl: This is the most common type of wallpaper because it is easy to hang and remove, it is the best option for damp areas, and often comes pre-pasted. PS: PVC is a kind of vinyl.Embossed: Embossed paper is textured as well as patterned, which hides imperfections. Often it comes in white so that it can be painted.Fabric: Fabric paper is the most difficult to hang and is considered the highest quality wallpaper. Keep in mind that it doesn't come pre-pasted. Be extra careful about smoothing out air bubbles when installing.Temporary: Peel-and-stick style paper is perfect for a temporary splash of color. Adhere to a clean, primed, and painted wall and then peel to remove. This type of wallpaper can usually be used again.Grass Cloth: Made from natural fibers which includes, but is not limited to, actual grass cloth, hemp, jute, reed, or arrowroot. Unlike most other varieties, these wallpapers don't require matching, which makes them easier to hang.Peelable vs. Strippable: Peelable paper allows you to efficiently remove the paper from the top of the wall. Start by peeling down from the top, and only a small amount of paper will remain on the wall, which can be taken off with a sponge and warm water. Strippable paper can be removed without leaving any residue or paper on the wall.Moisture Resistant: The best option for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, resistant. Refer to the manufacturer recommendations before installing.

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